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保险[bao xian] insurance

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We used to worry about the endowment insurance, but now we have all these welfares.

(摘自徐坦对林鸿男的访谈   Excerpt from Interview with Lin Hongnan)




高科技 Hi-tech 4

高科技开发(技术)园区 Hi-tech Park(zone 3

new 3

农村 village 4

发展 开发 develop development 4

生活 life 4

变化 change 3

进步 progress 1

超越 surpass 1


养老保险 age pension endowment insurance 2

劳动力 labor force 1

征收 expropriated 1

拆迁 removed 2

环境 surrounding 2

娱乐场所 recreation places 1

商品房 commercial housing 1

党中央 the central leadership of the Party 1




张江现在是高科技园区,Zhangjiang is a Hi-tech zone now.

几年以前还是一片农田,Years ago it was a field of farm.

党中央开发浦东、张江高科技开发园区,With the development of Pudong and Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park under the central leadership of the Party.

现在楼房一幢幢拔地而起,形成张江高科技技术园区。now buildings one after another are erected to form the Hi-tech Park.

我们亲眼接触的是一天一个变化变化太大。We have been watching the change happening everyday, it’s huge.

张江是中国越来越受关注的地方。Zhangjiang is the place with increasing attention given in China.

以前最早种过田,种过三年田,I had been doing farm work at the beginning, for 3 years.

后来去当了兵,是本地人。Later I joined the army. I’m a native.

农村农民生活水平也在不断地提高,The peasants life is improving constantly.

以前农村还要担心养老保险,现在什么都有了。We used to worry about the age pension, but now we have all these welfares.

以前是生产力、劳动力不能往外走,The labor force used to be forbidden to move outwards

只在这个生产队的田里,做一天工拿几个工分,They could only stay in the working team farm fields and earn a few Gong Fen per day.

现在不一样了,农田征收了,Now these all changed. The fields have been expropriated.

给建了小城镇还有养老保险,The town is established and we are given endowment insurance.

自己可以出去到公司里应聘,We can apply for jobs in the companies,

像我 这里出来也做做外业。like me, do some working outside.

这次胡锦涛也来参观要发展新农村President Hu Jintao came to visit and plan to develop the new village this time.

没有拆迁完的以后也是挺好的新农村 The part that has not been removed is quite neat new village,

什么都有,篮球、娱乐场所,with all the facilities like basketball courts and other recreation places.

以后要开银行医院一切设施都有,Later we will have banks, hospitals and all other facilities.

要是拆迁现在都有商品房,The removed families have commercial housing.

生活环境也不错换个环境,Their new life surrounding is quite nice, too.

生活一天比一天好,跟过去完全不能相比。Life is improving day by day, totally incomparable with the past.

希望今后日子一天比一天更好,Hope life could be getting even better in future;

现在作为一个农民想不到的东西可能会在今后的日子当中都会实现。and what cannot be imagined by a peasant now would become ture.

生活, 变化, Life, Change.

有几个字:发展进步超越。Key words for it: development, progress, surpass.

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