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国际(化)[guo ji (hua)] international

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Here you come to work, no matter in a big international company or a small one.

(摘自徐坦对秦晋的访谈   Excerpt from Interview with Qin Jin)


Basically we operate in an international mode, like one program going on now, also an animation-related program

(摘自徐坦对陈斌的访谈   Excerpt from Interview with Chen Bin)



生活气息 (sense of)living life 6

公司 company 7

do make 10

商业 business 3

far remote 6

new 3

car 3

创业 entrepreneurship 3

按摩 massage 1

做脸 facial 1

打扮 dress 2

国际 international 2

外来人 non-natives 2

辛苦 hardworking 2

别墅 villa 2

发展 develop 2

circl 2

活动 activity 1

house apartment 2

逛街 shopping 1

经济实力 economical strength 2

媒体 media 2

市场 market 2

销售 sell 1

环境 surrounding 2


张江是个工作的地方,它是开发区,Zhangjiang is a place for working. It is a development zone after all.

冠以开发区的名头,让人感觉是创业的地方,The title itself feels like a place of entrepreneurship,

辛苦的地方,不是生活的地方,a place of hardworking instead of living.

没有生活气息商业和各方面都不方便,There is no sense of living here.Inconvenient commercially and in all other ways.

地铁晚了回不来,除非自己有,You have to be back early to take the subway, unless you have your car.

即使自己有也要开很,Even with a car you have to drive a long distance.

张江这边有很多别墅,In Zhangjiang there are many villas.


But we could not afford them unless we become quite well off in future.

现在看来不大可能住这边。Now it seems totally impossible to live here.

上班确实要,It’s indeed a long way to go to work.

一开始认为很,后来和上海的朋友聊天,But later I talked to my native friends

发现他们从小就是这么的,and found them commute like this since childhood.

比如,他们有可能家住张江,而学校却在复旦大学那边,For example, they could live in Zhangjiang, but go to school near Fudan University,

因为都要读好学校,for they prefer good schools.

每天要在路上2-3个小时,从很小开始,Since they were little they have been spent 2 to 3 hours in commuting per day.

所以我现在觉得不算太,So now I think it’s not that far away.

就近工作当然好,Of couse it would be perfect to work nearby,

但是没有那么两全其美的事,but that is too good to be true.


这是一个让人比较能够集中思想的地方,But this is a place for people to easily concentrate.

在这里,人觉得比较塌实,People are down to earth here.

这里不象徐家汇南京西路物质诱惑特别多 Different from Xujiahui or Nanjing West Road,   whick is full of material distractions

每天要逛街按摩做脸,很多活动,where you do shopping, massage or facial every day.Plenty of things to do.

在这边,你来公司上班,无论是大公司国际公司,还是小公司,Here you come to work, no matter in a big international company or a small one,

这份事的时候,你可以专注地去,you can concentrate on your job.

这边的人的气质,这边有很多外来的人,The character of people here, among whom many are non-natives,

整个这里的气氛,小区的气氛,工业园的环境,让人觉得清,and the overall phenomenon of the zone are refreshing,

不会让人觉得太浮华,是工作的好地方。Not showy. A great place for work.


女孩子都有两种理想生活,Each girl has two ideal life styles.

一是她羡慕的;另一是她想得到的,One is what she is envious of, the other is what she wants.

当然这两种都不是她现在所拥有的,Of course neither is what she is having.

作为羡慕的方式,女孩子大都喜欢呆在大城市,As for the admiring, girls perfer big cities.

时间,穿的打扮得美,不太劳累的事情,Have spare time, dress themselves gorgeously, and do easy job.

这是一种生活方式,基本上可以随心所欲,It’s a life they can do basically whatever they want,

又可以照顾家庭,又能够自己的事情。can take care of their family and have their own career as well.

这就是她们比较羡慕的方式。This is the life girls envious of.

如果走运的话,能这样生活最好。It would be perfect if they are lucky enough to live such a life.

另外的方式,就是比较接近自己经过努力就能到的,The other is a life they can possibly access through effort.

首先有个,再有,a life with a home, their own apartment and car,

有稳定的公司工作, a stable position in company,

还有很好的一朋友家庭和睦。plus a group of friends and happy family life.


如果媒体市场销售工作,If you work with media, marketing or sales,

就需要在商业工作,you need to work in a business field,

能够接受很多和工作相关的外界刺激,accessable to lots of outside incentives related with your work,

比如广告,各种各样广告形式,such as advertisements in various forms.

还有各种业态总是最先出现在商业。And new business trends always initiate in the business zone.

但是如果你IT制造业或是其他,But if you do IT, manufacture or others.

在张江则是最好的,这边的配备也是很好的。Zhangjiang would be an ideal place, with all the neat facilities.


第一, ,代表着不方便,1. remote, which means inconvenience,

2,很积极, 2. highly active,

3,活力,在这个地方总能看到公司,3. energetic. We can always see new companies,

的人从全国各地,世界各地来此创业,and entrepreneurs are coming from all over the country or even the world,

4, 发展 。4. developing.

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