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关键词学校•斯德哥尔摩/Keywords School• Stockholm


在斯德哥尔摩“关键词学校”期间,我们预先设置了授课活动的日程,为每天的课程安排了不同的关键词。10天的课程里,大约 150人来参加活动,课程交流以瑞典语、中文、英语进行。对于每天的关键词,艺术家都作详尽的解释,并且和到访者进行深入讨论,其后,作为课程活动的要 求,要求每个到访者,或者说“学员”,都用提供6-10个关键词,以便开展进一步讨论。在这6-10个词之中,有3-5个是关于每个人对于自我生存、生存环境及世界看法的,另外的是来访者对中国的看法。由于大部分“学员”是瑞典人,他们提供了瑞典语的关键词,并且用英语作了翻译和解释。



Before the Stockholm Keywords School, it took about three years to undertake the keywords’ searching activity. During this time, we made numerous interviews in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., also in New York and Holland. In October of 2008, The Keywords School held activities outside China for the first time. In Stockholm, we conducted 10 days of lectures, in which the keyword material was collected in the process of the Stockholm Keywords School activities.

In the Stockholm Keywords School, we had preset lecture dates, and different keywords for daily lectures. About 150 people took part in the activity in the 10 days of the lectures, with communications achieved in Swedish, Chinese and English. The artist explained in detail the daily keyword, and discussed it profoundly with the visitors.Afterward, according to the rules of the activity, there were requirements for every visitor or “student” to provide 6-10 keywords from their mother language, in order to achieve further discussions. Among these 6-10 words, 3-5 of them concerned everyone’s aspects of self-living, living environment and the whole world, other words came from what the visitors thought of China. Due to the fact that most “students” were Swedish, they provided keywords in Swedish, and then translated and interpreted them in English.

The keywords school ·Stockholm is part of the “Sprout from the White Nights”, the Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition in Bonniers Konsthall

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