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文化产业[wen hua chan ye] cultural industry

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Our China Art Design Union is basically
the portal of creative industry.We do culture

(摘自徐坦对姚宇的访谈 Excerpt from
Interview with YaoYu)



发展 develop development 9

气氛 ambience 5

高科技 hi-tech 3

园区 garden zone 5

科技 technology technological 10

产业 industry business 6

创意产业 creative industry 3

感觉 feeling felt 3

文化 culture 9

文化产业 culture business 1

生活 life 6

busy 2

行业 industry 2

都市 metropolitan 2

公交 bus 1

IT industry 1

白领 white-collar 1

特色 characteristics 1

规划 layout 1

高端 high-end 1

自动化 automatic 1

电子化 electronic 1

科技化 scientific 1

人性化 humanized 1

理想 ideal 2

知识 knowledegs 1

环境 surroundings 1

家居 home 1

田园风光 pastoral 2

刚来张江时,给我总体的感觉来说,My first feeling when I just came here,

就是早上很,大量的人在等班车, was its busy morning.Lots of people were
waiting for the bus.

工作的节奏气氛很强烈,很有都市工作的气氛。Here is the tense working ambience,quite metropolitan.

随后当我在张江工作了一段时间,后来对张江的感觉,After a period of working here, I felt something else.

就是在张江这里的餐饮等方面行业,都集中在地铁站附近,Restaurants in Zhangjiang are centered near the subway station,

或是在产业园区内,or in the industry garden.

交通不方便啦,只有几趟公交车,Its transportation
is inconvenient with only a few bus routes.

大部分来张江工作的人,都是IT行业的领导和白领,Most of the
people working here are leaders or white-collar employees of IT industry,

都拥有自己的交通工具,这也是张江的一大特色,who have their own cars, which is one of the characteristics
of Zhangjiang,

车比较多,人也比较繁,with abundant vehicles and crowded people.

我来张江后,对张江的感觉,基本上很满意。Basically I am satisfied since I came here,

特别是对园区规划气氛,整体的建设,以及文化。 especially with its zone layout, ambience and the overall construstion and culture.

我们是做文化产业的,We do culture business.

我们中国艺术设计联盟,整体上是创意产业的门户, Our China
Art Design Union
is basically the portal of creative industry.

主要是要对文化各个方面的气氛进行感受,Primarily we sense various aspects of cultural ambience.

创意产业文化基地,在张江建立以后,Since the establishment of the creative industry culture base,

文化气氛十分强烈,the cultural ambience is getting stronger.

周围也建立了文化素养较高的基地,如美院电影学院,Around have been built bases with higher
cultural accomplishment like the Art
and the Film College,

整个文化科技素质都提高了,raising the overall cultural and technological quality

很适合我们创意产业的精神,which just fits our concept of creative industry.

文化加科学,一个很明确的整体的发展目标Culture and science make an explicit target of development as a whole.

我对生活理想化想象,希望今后生活自动化电子化、更科技化人性化,My imagination of the ideal life is a more automatic, electronic, scientific and humanized one,

自己拥有一些站在科技高端尖端情况下的生活设施,with some latest hi-tech life facilities

比如说家居环境,用一些最科技,最新的产品来美化,完善自己的生活。like the home surroundings,
decorated and improved with the latest technology and products.

社会是一个机械化的大熔炉, The society is an automatic melting pot.

社会在不断发展,我们自身也在不断进步, With its
consistant development, we are developing ourselves, too.

发展是肯定的目标, Development is the target for sure,

发展,就会被社会和历史淘汰, or we would be washed out.

张江是立足于IT高科技园区的理念。Zhangjiang is based on the idea of IT hi-tech zone.

我希望张江今后的发展多元化多极化的。I hope its development be multipolized,

不光在科技领域,也可以在其他领域进行尝试,one in technological area as well as many others.

尝试将张江建设成文化科技各方面知识溶和在一起的园区, The attempt to built a zone involving all the knowledegs including culture and technology,

这更利于张江的发展。would be more profer for it.

田园风光似的生活不是年轻人的生活理想,The pastoral life is not ideal
for the young,

年轻人应该充分发挥积极性,充分溶入社会,推动社会发展,who should make full use of their energy and develop our socity.

如果年纪稍长,也经历了自身的发展,生活也已精彩过了,Those senior ones who have experienced enough,

可以考虑过一种安逸的,田园风光似的生活。could think
about an easy pastoral

推动社会发展的力量是科技。 Science and technology is the force
to make society develop forward.

张江,高科技产业的快车。Zhangjiang, an express train of hi-tech industry,

a cradle of hi-tech and advanced

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