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关键词工作室 Het Domin/ Sittard Holland/Keywords Workshop at Het Domin/ Sittard Holland

Xu Tan
Keywords Workshop

Project Introduction
The “Keywords Workshop” by the Chinese artist Xu Tan is based on his long term research project “Searching for Keywords” and the workshop will function as an interactive studying process and communication tool to enrich the dictionary of “Keywords” within the global context.The ‘Searching for Keywords’ project consists of a series of interviews of active people in the Chinese society or people in the active Chinese area. By searching and studying the content of the conversation, Xu Tan aimed at finding out the connection between the individual speakers, words and the mental tendencies of Chinese society.

So far, the project has been realized as a series of studies, including ‘Searching for Keywords: Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park’  ‘Searching for Keywords: Shenzhen Overseas China Town’ and “Searching for Keywords: Today, Art”, etc. It has come out 100 keywords, which the artist would like to use it as the basic interactive study materials for the people who are interested to understand the current social life and the collective social consciousness in China, meantime the artist will collect the responses from the “students” / participants during the workshop process, for the next step of development.

During the workshop, Xu Tan will play videos and display websites at T-Zone, invite local people to participate in the show, learn Chinese keywords, exchange views through the learning process and do further research based on the reaction from the local audiences.

11th ~ 17th January, 2008
Tuesday – Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00

Friday January 18th 17.00 Museum Het Domein

Museum Het Domein
Kappitelstraat 6, 6131 ER Sittard Holland

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This project is realized with support of the Made in Mirrors Foundation.
Made in Mirrors is an intercultural reflective experiment through which small-scale exchange projects, artistic presentations and discussion are realized by Museum Het Domein (Sittard, Netherlands), Vitamin Creative Space (Guangzhou, China) and Museu de Arte Moderna Aloísio Magalhães (Recife, Brazil).

Category: 關鍵詞活動 / keywords workshop


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