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在几乎所有的句子中所选择的关键词,我所选择的关键词是指着重在传达意义,和陈述中占有重要意义的实义词(即不含虚词和语气词)即在所有句子中,具有表达 实际意义的,起着表达语义主导性的,实质性的,语句结构里有中心意义的词,它们是说者企图传达的意义所环绕的语词,


About “Searching for Key Words”

“Searching for Key Words” is a series of events (projects), in which about a hundred key words are to be found widely used in Chinese society and helpful in understanding the contemporary Chinese social life and the overall inclination of the social consciousness.
It is mainly study and research of a series of interviews with the groups in some active areas in China or the ones who are active in Chinese society, and intends to find the connection between ?the speakers, words, and social inclination of thoughts. Some extra auxiliary research is complemented through media.
Up to now, the projects like “Key Words—Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shanghai, China”, “Key Words—Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, China”, etc have occurred.
The recent interviews with the most active contemporary artists in China at present, entitled “Today, Art”, is an ongoing part of the key-words project series.
By interviewing these artists and studying these interviews, I try to find the “key words” in the talk and work out their frequency by the record.
The key words are chosen from nearly all spoken sentences in the talk, mainly the contents words (i.e. function words like mood words are excluded) that expressing meaning and important in the narration, that representing substantive meaning or playing a leading role in the sentence, that with a focal meaning in the semantic structure and the speakers intended meaning generated around.
The exhibition at Location 1, New York will be mainly a combination of video and Internet installation. I will let the audiences know about these key words, whom, if interested, will be taught how to use and correctly pronounce them. The audiences can exchange and interact with the artist on the spot or through Internet. A key-word website will be established for them to enquire about.
While the audiences are getting to know the Chinese key words, they will be invited to give some English key words as to certain subjects, which will be appreciated as a support to my continuing key words collecting work.

The video playing equipment, Internet device and web technician will be needed on the spot, as well as some materials and construction work for the installation.